Worry-Free IT

After 20 years in the IT industry, we’ve got the “recipe” for transforming your company’s computing to stable, dependable and worry-free.

We ensure your business has the continuity it needs. Your servers are fully backed up and can be fully restored, often within minutes. We’ve got all your critical data protected with both on-premises AND cloud (Internet) backup.

Hardware support
Your business-class equipment is covered with an active service warranty, saving you from potential chaos in the unlikely event of hardware failure.

Software support
Your “line of business” (legal, accounting, time tracking etc.) software is covered with a current software support contract.

Servers, PCs & Firewall
We keep your “business-class” servers, PCs and Internet firewall/security appliance continuously patched and up to date.

What are Managed IT Services?

We manage all devices on your network for a set monthly fee.

What is Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)?

Remote monitoring and management is the cornerstone of the managed services we provide. RMM uses web based tools to remotely monitor and manage any and all devices connected to your network – all PCs, servers, network equipment, printers and mobile devices, keeping your IT environment safes and secure .

What is the cloud?

The “cloud” is the Internet. When your data is backed up to remote servers in the cloud as well as on your local network you have peace of mind.

Our managed services clients have on premises Datto Business Continuity devices where all data is backed up locally and is replicated to remote servers in the cloud on an hourly basis.

If your computer or server becomes temporarily unavailable for any reason, your data will remain safe and intact. No more losing emails or important documents.

What is remote monitoring and control?

We easily and efficiently keep your systems worry-free by preventing any minor problems from becoming major ones that would impact your productivity.

We monitor the health your servers, PCs and network equipment 24/7 –  the health status is continuously uploaded to our “dashboard.”

Our monitoring system keeps watch over your network and equipment, even when you’re sleeping. If we are alerted to an equipment issue or other problem, we can take remote control of any connected piece of network equipment we manage as if we were physically there.

Our ability to remotely monitor and control your system keeps you up and running with worry-free configuration, maintenance and problem resolution.

Hosted Exchange Mail and Cloud-Based Antivirus

Business runs on email, and we make your email safer, easier and more convenient.

Instead of depending on a local Exchange mail server inside your place of business, or mail that resides only on your computer after it’s downloaded, all email is stored on Exchange email servers in different geographic locations to ensure business continuity. This has the added benefit of filtering all spam before the email is delivered to your inbox.

The antivirus program that runs on your server(s) and PCs reports to our central monitoring servers on the Internet. This allows us to confirm the status of your antivirus program on all protected devices at a glance.

As in the past, you can access email on your PC using your email program and also stay connected on the go via a web browser or mobile device.

Make Your IT Costs Predictable With Managed Services

Call: (604) 790-6054

Industry: Corporate Sales Training

Carl has provided IT support to my various companies for the past 15 years…whether you’re running a small or medium sized business, Carl can help make your computer world a much friendlier place, it is just that simple.

D. P.
Director of Corporate Development

Industry: Private Educational Institution

Carl is a great mix of pragmatic and creative. Great with details and true to his word. Great to work with!

G. S.


I actually cannot remember the good fortune I had to be put in touch with Carl Katz, likely a past client. As all of us know, technology is great when it works! With Carl at the helm, it always works! That really is all you need to know. I would say if all of my business dealings were as straightforward, my life would be a lot easier. Thank you Carl.


Carl Katz and CKWEST IT Solutions have been our IT Support company for the past seven years. Our business is a 24×7 operation – CKWEST implemented a business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR) solution and 24×7 Remote Monitoring, upgraded our server hardware and network appliance to ensure maximum uptime and minimal interruption to our business. I would recommend them to any business looking for a reliable and experienced managed services provider.

C. P.

Law Firm

Carl Katz and CKWEST IT Solutions have provided IT support and solutions to our law firm for the past sixteen years. They recently made our network more secure and user friendly by implementing a new server, Datto business continuity solution, security appliance and new workstations.

I highly recommend CKWEST IT Solutions for any company or firm looking for expertise in managed services and IT support.

D. B.